Our Services

Although there isn't much we cannot figure out, there are a few things that we already have and do well. We specialize in web and ecommerce development. Although we have worked with several platforms we prefer to use WordPress for our sites with Woocommerce as our ecommerce solution when one is needed.

We are the engineers that you hire to design the execution of the designs or as we call them, blueprints for your site. We will work with your marketing team and designers to launch your vision on a platform that is stable and easy to manage.

If you already have a website but you need someone you can trust to manage the site, we are capable of stepping in and taking things over. We will cut through the existing issues and get down to what are causing issues, make recommendations and based on your informed decisions we will plan and execute making your site stable, secure and an integrated part of your sales channel.


Although this is not the only CMS solution out there, and we are capable of developing or working on existing projects that are far from the WP ecosystem, we do focus most of our efforts on this platform.

Here are some of the tasks that we perform…

  • Setup and installation of Themes
  • Setup and installation of Plugins
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • WordPress VPS hosting (not shared hosting)
  • WordPress Migrations

We are extremely passionate about WordPress and would love to be your go to team when you have WordPress development or Maintenance needs.


Working with ecommerce solutions for almost half of my life, I have worked with solutions that were CGI based (back in the day) to more modern solutions like Magento. I have come to one conclusion, and that is Woocommerce.

Although WC is not perfect it sure does go a lot further than anything else I have used. It allows rapid deployment and easy configuration and provide in depth documentation that makes working with its API manageable for the right team of developers.

Some of the Woocommerce services we provide are…

  • Installation and Configuration
  • Custom Woo Templates (Product loops, single product pages, cart, checkout)
  • Custom Plugins and integrations (Commissions, shipping partner, CRM API and more)
  • Data Migration


Regardles of the platform we can provide expert maintenance services. From managing your application stack to updating your software that has been affected by depreciation and everything between. Phillips WDC can step in and be your solution provider.

Some of the services we provide…

  • WordPress Maintenance
  • WooCommerce Maintenance
  • Server Maintenance
  • Upgrade Frontend Technologies
  • Upgrade Backend Technologies
  • Fix hacked and broken sites


Although we defer graphic design to our Design partners and are not your asset when it comes to SEO and marketing, we do everything else.

From the server to the color you choose for the button your customer clicks on to contact you, we provide you a single contact and reference point. We are able to build intricate front ends and very stable user friendly backend systems.

Frontend - Responsive mobile first design that looks awesome across all of your devices and code that validates!!

Back end - Engineered and planed code that is well written and documented that provides
stable functionality across the platform as well as adaptive to future needs.


If you have a site that is slow, or your current hosting provider is unable to provide you what you need, we are here to help you get your website or application moved, tested and launched on the new provider.

If you have not yet decided on a hosting partner, please read this article on hosting. After you have read that article contact us and we would be happy to assist you on the selection and migration to a new host.


If you are looking for a secure and reliable hosting solution for your site, we offer custom solutions on dedicated VPS servers that start at $15 a month for a fully managed solution with 1G of ram and one vCPU.

If you need something that is tailored for your application or website, we can build out a very custom stack that will provide you with the resources you need to provide stability and usability.