WooCommerce Development


Woocommerce is a WordPress plugin that takes a brochure style site and allows you to add ecommerce functionality in a matter of a few hours. Setup and initial launch of a basic ecommerce site has never been easier.


Because it is really built well. It is not perfect and there are things to consider, but the code is really quite beautiful. In addition, they are working on it daily to make it more beautiful. All of that for free!! Yep that is the blessing of open source projects.

That being said they do monetize that development by selling premium plugins that extend the functionality of Woocommerce. These are subscription-based plugins that are also under active development. This means that you can get a large portion of your project prebuilt and put together by us for a fraction of the cost of other ecommerce systems.

Once we have evaluated your needs then we can then determine if you need to customize the solution. If so this is where we shine.


  • Woo Themes

    Not just your standard WP theme we can create a unique user experience through product search to check out.

  • Woo Plugins

    Do you need specific customization that you cannot find in a plugin, or you cannot get without modifying a plugin? We specialize in developing plugins that give you the exact functionality that you need.

  • Custom Dashboards

    If you need a secure way to get information from your site without giving access to the site through the dashboard we can build that for you. We specialize in custom dashboards for Woocommerce that do everything from provide you with the information you need to create products, coupons, orders and more!


  • Integrations

    We can integrate your WC installation with your CRM (Infusionsoft, Salesforce etc.) or just about anything that has an API we can communicate with. Some of our favorite projects from the recent past has been working with the Gooten manufacturing partner through their API.

  • Maintenance

    Ecommerce does require maintenance we can step in and help you setup a maintenance program that includes real time backups and even replication. Along with sorting out your staging environment.


Although it is easy to install and manageable to setup, anything beyond that usually requires guidance. For a very basic store, installing Woocommerce might be enough; at a minimum you will have to consider your payment gateway If you plan on shipping anything, then setting up rates and zones will need to be done.

Beyond that, you will need to evaluate and plan what you need. Are there plugins to help you do what you need? If there are many, how do you choose? Buying the cheapest plugin may seem sensible but can have a bad outcome. Yet, not all the expensive plugins are worth the hefty price tag.

If you do not have the experience, picking out plugins can feel a lot like throwing darts at a dart board or flipping a coin.

When do you seek out a custom solution? Is it only after you have found out that all the premium plugins you paid so much for do not provide what you need? Is it after the point and click developer you hired finally admits that he is outside of his "comfort zone"?

Contacting us is free. We promise we will not charge you a dime to click the button. If you talk to us and decide that you would like us to come on board and help out, we can discuss our rates. Until then, feel free to say "help me".