Site Migration

If your business website is not running as smoothly as it should, or if your hosting provider does not deliver the speed or bandwidth you need, PWDC can help. With our website migration service, we can fully and effectively move your existing website to a new hosting provider that provides better speed and service, relaunch it, and get your site up and running again the way you expect it to.

Website migration redirects your old site and all of its pages and features to a new location. In some cases, a migration can go further- such as a transfer to a new CMS platform or server. This can include the creation and integration of several branded subdomains. But most of the time it means changing site domains.

Host migrations are the most intensive variety of site migration. If you need to switch to a new hosting server and have yet to select a new hosting provider, see our article on hosting. There, you will learn more about website hosting and how to choose the best service for you. Phillips WDC can help you choose a host that’s best for your needs so that your current problems don’t persist in the future.

Site Migration Service

Our team will safely and completely move your sites, apps, data, and emails. We will ensure everything, every feature and function, is running and functioning properly before it is launched on the new server.

With our website transfer service, you can expect:

Full and Complete Migration

We can transfer several websites and email accounts simultaneously from one host server to your chosen server. Because your pages, apps, features, and associated emails are meant to work together, simultaneous transfer is important to maintain the integrity of your site and avoid confusion.

Expedited Migration

We understand that you have already lost an enormous amount of valuable business time due to the problems with your old or existing server. That’s why our team takes site migration very seriously. We place a red flag on every site migration order, indicating that it is to be done as quickly as possible to serve your needs ASAP.

Seamless Migrations

Our website maintenance and migration experts understand that you expect minimal to zero downtime during the transfer. That’s why we endeavor to keep site interruption minimal to non-existent while your transfer is underway.

Full Post Migration Review

With your pre-migration site saved for reference, we will run and test your site post-migration to check for faults, inconsistencies, and to ensure that the transfer is complete.

When it comes to restoring your site to its former speed and functionality, migrations must be done promptly and properly. Neglecting this important task can cause you to lose your Google rank completely as frustrated users flee your site. At the end of the day, migration is a necessary aspect of total website maintenance that occasionally must be done.

Here at Phillips WDC, our job is to make sure that your migrations are done right the first time, and that your site’s functionality is restored or improved after migration.