Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development, it’s a bit of an obscure term. What it means is the full front to back development of an application. The process of Full Stack Development involves the design, construction, and implementation of a three-layer construct.

The Three Layers of Full Stack Development:

  • The Presentation Layer:

    This is the user-facing side of the application. It’s the part that you see as the user. It includes graphics, control features, and other front end design elements.

  • The Business Logic Layer:

    This is the back layer component and involves data validation.

  • Database Layer:

    This layer deals with all of the steps between the point of conception of the concept to the final finished product.

For professional-grade Full Stack Development, you need a specialist to work on each of the three layers or subsystems of the development process. The truth is, Full Stack Development is a complex, involved and costly process. But it is critical for developing business-grade online end products that wow customers and give them confidence that you are the real deal when they visit your sites.

That’s why, here at the Phillips Web Development company, we take our own advice when it comes to the through and through completion of Full Stack Development. That is to say, we outsource graphic design to our trusted design partners. When you come to us for Full Stack Development, we stick to what we do best and pass the ball to trusted professionals who we know will do the job right.

What that means is we work as your advocate during the Full Stack Development process. We take your design idea, and your desired end product and guide our Full Stack Development engineer partners as they design and develop the product you are looking for. From choosing the optimal server to the colors you select for the buttons your customers click on, we give you a single point contact.

In the overall process, you are the customer, you tell us what you want and our job is to deliver it. Then, we play a role similar to an architect, who imagines and designed the engineering of the product. Then we hand the plans over to the engineers whose job it is to make the vision and the architecture a reality.

For most projects, we can build intricate front ends and stable user-friendly backend systems.

  • Frontend

    Responsive mobile-ready design that looks great across desktop and mobile devices with valid code that works.

  • Backend

    Engineered, planned, and well-written code that is proven and documented to provide stable functionality across platforms as well as adapting to future needs.

Our Full Stack Development professionals - both in-house and our outsourcing partners - develop strategies for every step of the development process. With deep knowledge of the requisite systems, and years of experience in the field.

To learn more about our process and our partners, get in touch today. We can provide you with samples, references, and demonstrations of our end products.

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