Custom Themes and Plugins

There’s a lot to love about Wordpress, not the least of which is the fact that it provides you with a huge list of premade themes and plugins. This lets you choose the look and operational features to make your site highly original and extremely functional.

But Wordpress goes even further to allow for a truly customizable experience. It lets you create your very own fully-custom-made themes and plugins. If you want to stand out from the crowd and reach your audience before the competition does - you need a totally unique look and a superior feel and user experience for your site.

Now, here at PWDC, we offer full-service custom Wordpress themes and plugins that are sure to make your site 100% slick, original, and gorgeous.

Wordpress Custom Themes

Custom Wordpress themes have two major advantages over premade themes - originality, and custom functionality.

There’s no underestimating the value of having a website that looks, feels, and works in an original way. When it comes to the basics of branding, originality is key. You need a look and feel that brings to mind your brand and the unique value that you deliver to your customers and your audience. Any time your site reminds users of another brand- especially one with similar goods and services- you run the risk of losing a sale to that brand. That’s why it’s so important to dazzle them with a high-quality custom Wordpress theme.

The other important advantage of a custom theme is the originality of function. Your audience and buyers are keenly aware of not just how well a website works, but how well it seems to work. Your theme can help to promote the feeling of smooth user experience for an overall impression of high functionality. Without the feel of high functionality, you will lose your brand authority.

You’ll be the only organization online with that theme. With millions and millions of blogs and websites running on WordPress, any pre-made theme is all but certain to be used by at least a thousand other users- many of whom might be in your industry- and that’s a branding disaster! That means you get a big advantage when it comes to standing apart from the competition.

Wordpress Custom Plugins

Plugins can help you do a lot of useful things. They can help you track and qualify key metrics to optimize your user’s experience with your site and to optimize your sales funnel. They can be used to add attractive features, drive signups, make social media integration easier, and much more.

But what if you need a unique function for your site that premade plugins don’t do, or don’t do quite right? That’s when custom plugins really come in handy.

Custom plugins can save you time by skipping processes you don’t need. They can be more stable for your business processes which can impose needs the designers of prefab plugins didn’t anticipate. Custom plugins can also be updated on a schedule that suits your needs better.

With these key advantages in mind, you can see some of the important ways these custom options will expand your Wordpress capabilities.