Woocommerce Dashboards

Woocommerce is a WordPress plugin that lets you set up brochure-style pages on your site and add eCommerce functionality in just a few hours. It makes setup and launches incredibly easy.

As an open-source online sales plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce is pretty amazingly handy. It’s easy to use, it is customizable and fully supported. It handles a range of payment options, and using it is affordable- under the right conditions.

But it has it’s rough patches as well. For one thing, the frequency of WP updates can be hard for WooCommerce to keep up with. Also, if you want all the features and all the support, you have to pay- and that can get expensive.

That’s why Phillips Web Development offers custom WooCommerce dashboards as a part of our WordPress website development and maintenance service.

WooCommerce Custom Dashboards

Perhaps one of the major falling down points of the standard WooCommerce set up is the fact that if you want to collect metrics from your WordPress sales site, you have to set up access through your WC dashboard. This makes your eCommerce site imminently hackable… and we don’t care for that sort of thing.

The good news is that the web development experts here at Phillips Web Development specialize in creating custom dashboards for WooCommerce. These will enable you to set up new product pages, create coupons, service orders, and more.

The Data Advantage of Custom WooCommerce Dashboards

Make better, metrics-based decisions, vastly improving the choices you make for your site and your business. One of the biggest assets tech companies like the people behind WordPress possess is the wealth of user data they accumulate daily.

As many of us know, tech companies can do what they like with this data. They can use it to drive their own marketing decisions. They can sell it to advertisers, or to anyone else who has an interest in it. But rarely, are you able to access the user data generated on your own pages on sites like WordPress. Your WooCommerce custom dashboard is one of the scarce exceptions.

With your custom WooCommerce dashboard, you will be able to see loads of key metrics such as:

  • How long users linger and on what pages

  • What engagements were made prior to a specific purchase

  • How many times has a customer returned

  • Whether or not engaging with content drive purchases

  • And much more…

So, what does all this do for you?

It makes it possible for you to see what features and locations on your site are moving sales numbers forward, and which are not. With your custom dashboard, you can see whether a given feature or practice is making you money, costing you money, or just taking up space.

By responding to this data, your customers will feel as if you have read their mind. By implementing new features and practices and eliminating the useless ones- you will be catering to their desires, oftentimes before they even know what they desire.

That’s the power of metrics!