Server Solutions

If you have ever had a web hosting account, you have probably heard about nameservers, but chances are, even if you have had one for a very long time, your host probably didn’t explain to you what a nameserver is, or why they are so important.

Web hosts provide nameservers, and they are critical to your ability to be visible on the internet. In other words, if you’re running a business with an online presence, and are not using one- you’re probably not getting much traffic.

Most look something like But the magic behind it is not in the name, it’s in the architecture behind it.

What Are Nameservers?

Nameservers are a part of the DNS, which is short for “Domain Name System.” Every website has an IP address, that’s the designation for your “location” on the internet. Of course, humans are not very good at remembering seemingly arbitrary strings of numbers- so we give websites names. When you type a domain name into a browser, the nameserver provides the IP address. Running a business online requires registering your nameserver if you expect to be competitive.

Custom Servers & VPS Server Solutions

Your business is not like any other out there on the world wide web. You have your own specialized process for delivering what your clients and customers want. You have a unique look, feel, and style- and you want the people you serve to remember who you are at every click of the mouse.

That means you need a specialized server with custom solutions that work for you and support your unique style and process.

Here at Phillips Web Development, our team of professional site development experts is ready to design and build custom website solutions for you. Our mission is to give you what you need to succeed and to keep it running smoothly.

Our Custom Server Solutions Include:

  • Backup Solutions

    When it comes to ensuring your security and the reliability of key processes and sensitive or mission-critical data, there’s nothing more important than functional backup solutions. With Phillips WDC, backup is always a top priority.

  • Cluster Design

    Clustering configurations enhance speed, security, and availability. They also make scaling easier. For us, clustering just makes sense- especially when problem nodes need to be isolated and repaired.

  • Custom Security

    Nobody knows your security needs better than the cyber criminals who target businesses like yours. That’s why custom security solutions are so important to throw attackers off your trail and keep them guessing.

When you need secure, reliable hosting solutions, we offer custom hosting services on our dedicated VPS servers. Starting at $15 a month, you get fully managed hosting with 1G of ram and one vCPU.

If you are looking for server solutions tailored for a specific application, website, or software, we can build a specialized stack, custom-built to provide you with the features, resources, stability, and usability you require.

Here at the Phillips Web Development Company, we’re always looking for new and more powerful ways to deliver the solutions and services you need to succeed.

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