Wordpress Development

As a leading Wordpress development company, PWDC offers high-performance Wordpress website development services. Our team of professional Wordpress developers has years of collective experience providing high-end, persuasive, compelling, customized WP solutions from tailor-made Wordpress development, site development, plugin creation, and optimization and custom themes.

Wordpress has been the premier platform for creating custom free and low-cost web pages for all manner of businesses and organizations for the better part of two decades. Anyone with a small degree of skill can set up a serviceable Wordpress site single-handedly. However, presenting a professional-grade web presence requires a professional touch. That’s where we come in. Here at Phillips Web Development Company, we specialize in bringing your Wordpress pages to market with all the professionalism, utility, and shine your audience expects. In our experience, Wordpress is the best content management system (CMS) of its kind out there- and we make sure you get the most out of its capabilities.

WordPress Development Services

While we offer services for a number of the web’s best CMS solutions, WP is the standout model. That’s why we offer our exclusive WP services package which include:

  • Setup and Theme Installation: Get your WP site off to a strong start with your favorite look and feel
  • Plugin Installation and Implementation: Select your favorite WP plugins and let us optimize them to suit your needs
  • Custom Theme Creation & Development: Go beyond WP’s vanilla offerings with a completely original theme and custom settings
  • Custom Plugin Creation & Optimization: WP’s vanilla plugins not scratching that itch for perfection? Let us create fully custom built plugins designed to make your site truly your own
  • VPS Hosting: Save money on hosting services with unlimited tech support and privacy with your own virtual private server
  • WP Migration: Let us do the heavy lifting, moving all of your critical data from your old site with our migration service
  • PSD to WordPress: Let us transform your pixel-dense PSDs into more responsive file types for better performance

Phillips Web Development has developed a broad range of site types from small blog sites to complex corporate web pages, complete with sales listings, customer service flowcharts, and more. Our Wordpress development services are the end product of hard-earned insight and expertise. Our team’s experience and technical proficiency allow us to respond to ever-changing web trends with agility and web-culture savvy that’s hard to find anywhere else.