Website Maintenance

Like everything else in this world, websites are subject to what we might call wear and tear- and need regular maintenance. As the proprietor of an online business, your website is your bread and butter – it’s health, therefore, is non-negotiable.

Proper website maintenance means checking your site for issues, errors, intrusion, and other common consequences of doing business online. It should be done regularly, thoroughly, and with a mind for the security, integrity, and performance of your site.

Phillips Web Development Company offers full, professional site maintenance for all platforms. Our team has developed a complete range of site maintenance services, from app. stack updating to software depreciation mitigation and every nuance in between.

Our services include;

  • WordPress Site Maintenance
  • WooCommerce Site Maintenance
  • Server Maintenance
  • Frontend and Backend Technology Upgrades
  • Full Spectrum Repairs and Recovery for Broken and Compromised Sites

Basic Website Maintenance Flow

To ensure your site maintenance process hits all of the target marks for integrity, security, and performance- our team follows a thorough process based on the following 9-step protocol.

  • Check for proper, error-free page loads

  • Run backups of pre-check site states

  • Perform updates to software and plugins

  • Check that forms and entry fields are running properly

  • Check forms and entry fields for intrusion artifacts

  • Scan comment and feedback sections for spam, red-flag spammer tags

  • Check for and purge broken links

  • Search for, fix, or redirect 404 errors

  • Database health check

  • Backend health

Monthly & Quarterly Site Maintenance

Less frequent, and more thorough site maintenance features include;

  • Checking site load speed for choke points

  • Review of automated security scans and scanners

  • Statistics analysis

  • Site design and structure review

  • Graphic/Images updates

  • Test and optimize popups, CTAs, and forms

  • Workload efficiency review

  • Testing site on various devices for compatibility

  • Restoration of backup versions for reference

Annual Maintenance Tasks

  • Updating timestamps

  • Review blog content for accuracy

  • Checking mail lists

  • Renew domain name

  • Consider design update

  • Review top-performing blog entries for branding cues

Additional Features

When you work with Phillips Web Development Company, you get a complete turnkey solution to website maintenance. Never again worry about whether or not your site is up and able to work for you, making money, and meeting your needs.

Access Full Service For:

  • Updates made during normal business hours

  • Email/Webmail/Mobile Support

  • Tech support and consulting requests

  • Rapid turnaround time

  • Included CMS

  • Design, development, and IM support

  • Monthly Google Analytics traffic reports

  • and more...

Phillips Web Development Company is a leading website maintenance service company, working with businesses just like yours to improve website security, stability, performance, and viability. Whether you’re in the market for a monthly, hourly, or off-hours maintenance plan, Phillips WDC brings experience and expertise to deliver the results your enterprise requires.