Maximize Your Store’s Performance

Our team can customize your site with a wide selection of widgets and plugins, as well as themes that blend seamlessly with your business’s branding. We have years of experience working with WordPress and WooCommerce, giving us the tools to ensure all your store’s elements work well together. Take advantage of the detailed reports panel, inventory tracking and customer review features WooCommerce provides.

Your E-commerce Solution

WooCommerce boasts a simple and easy-to-use interface that combines well with the communicative features of WordPress. Our developers can get your store up and running in no time, introducing your name and products into the greater online marketplace. Whether you’re building a new store from the ground up or looking for a way to boost your existing store’s functionality, we have a range of exciting options to show you.

WordPress, PHP, Web Development

Phillips WDC was quite skilled and always forthcoming with shared knowledge, the work that was done was done with skill and always a positive attitude.

Hope R.

USPS Setup for WooCommerce

Working with Phillips WDC is easy. As always excellent work and quick to respond and help accomplish the job. Can’t say enough about Phillips Web Development and their work. See you again next time!

Chris D.

WordPress audit

Phillips WDC is incredibly knowledgeable and a thorough, no-nonsense, logical worker. I can highly recommend him.

Edward P.

WordPress PHP API

As the former owner of a vertically integrated software development company I know good coders when they come around, and PWDC is dang good!

Ed H.

WordPress WPMLS

I couldn’t be more pleased with PWDC! Their knowledge and skill with PHP, Woocommerce, Exigo, APIs, Ajax, SQL, and a host of other languages was invaluable. They ALWAYS performed at peak level and got the job done!


Website Development

It was a pleasure working with PWDC. He was very communicative throughout the entire project and delivered a website that I am very happy with.


5 Stars

Ok, that may seem unrealistic that PWDC gets 5 stars, but they are really that good.

Front-End and Database Enhancements

Tight deadlines!

Working with Phillips Web Development Company has been overall great experience. We were up against a lot of tight deadlines PWDC completed all of our requirements ahead of schedule. I will definitely reach out again on our next project.

Shawn P.