WordPress development can be as easy as a one click install and a $59 theme. That is the absolute beauty of the platform. However, when you reach the limits of the theme or plugin, it can be a daunting task building out the functionality you need to have.

In addition to getting the exact functionality you need out of your WordPress installation, speed can be a major issue. With today’s search algorithms load times are important when trying to reach your next potential client.
After you have proved your concept and you want to leverage the WordPress platform of every last red cent, development can be a very cost effective pathway.

If you are looking for a development team that can deliver your concept Phillips Web Development Company is your team.

Theme Development

When you think about WordPress Theme Development you often times think of the way the site will look when you launch your site. This is the front end and most often the only part of the website an owner will ever see.
Beyond that special design and the HTML and CSS that make up the inviting design are thousands of lines of code that make the whole thing happen upfront. This is often referred to as the back-end.

Phillips Web Development Company is a Full Stack Development Company building out both the front end and back-end of a website. We specialize in WordPress theme development and WordPress plugin development.

Our theme development focuses on fast loading page architecture that will keep your visitor’s attention. With faster load times and more reliable code you will have a platform built to convert, leaving you enough time to focus on your Marketing plan.

Plugin Development

Once you have your site set up you may find that WordPress does not do everything you need it to do. That is where the versatility of WordPress comes into play. WordPress is an amazing platform that allows you to extend its functionality by using plugins. Phillips Web Development Company has an extensive list of plugins that it uses to add functionality. When this list of plugins falls short of our clients needs we get the chance to truly shine. Phillips Web Development Company can build you a WordPress plugin that will add that custom functionality that you are looking for.

WordPress Deployment

WordPress Deployment can be a daunting task. If you are just building your site and you need it moved from the staging environment to the new server or if you have a staging site and need a reliable company to handle the pushes to production, contact Phillips Web Development Company for all of your deployment needs.

WordPress Maintenance

All websites require maintenance and your WordPress site is no exception. If you set it and forget it your site may end up victim to hackers. Through the years of development Phillips WDC has spent countless hours repairing poorly developed and under maintained websites, resurrecting them from the ashes left behind from a malicious attack. Get a WordPress maintenance plan from Phillips Web Development Company that will fit your needs and get some insurance against costly repairs and a road map to your future

WordPress, PHP, Web Development

Phillips WDC was quite skilled and always forthcoming with shared knowledge, the work that was done was done with skill and always a positive attitude.

Hope R.

USPS Setup for WooCommerce

Working with Phillips WDC is easy. As always excellent work and quick to respond and help accomplish the job. Can’t say enough about Phillips Web Development and their work. See you again next time!

Chris D.

WordPress audit

Phillips WDC is incredibly knowledgeable and a thorough, no-nonsense, logical worker. I can highly recommend him.

Edward P.

WordPress PHP API

As the former owner of a vertically integrated software development company I know good coders when they come around, and PWDC is dang good!

Ed H.

WordPress WPMLS

I couldn’t be more pleased with PWDC! Their knowledge and skill with PHP, Woocommerce, Exigo, APIs, Ajax, SQL, and a host of other languages was invaluable. They ALWAYS performed at peak level and got the job done!


Website Development

It was a pleasure working with PWDC. He was very communicative throughout the entire project and delivered a website that I am very happy with.


5 Stars

Ok, that may seem unrealistic that PWDC gets 5 stars, but they are really that good.

Front-End and Database Enhancements

Tight deadlines!

Working with Phillips Web Development Company has been overall great experience. We were up against a lot of tight deadlines PWDC completed all of our requirements ahead of schedule. I will definitely reach out again on our next project.

Shawn P.